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Will Kate Walsh Return to Grey’s Anatomy?

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 11:43AM by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -

Will she or won’t she? That’s the question on everyone’s mind after Kate Walsh's recent interview with E! Online.

Would Walsh want to return back to the hit series? “Of course,” but follows up that “It’s really up to Shonda [Rhimes].”

Walsh, who plays Dr. Addison Montgomery, was a series regular on Grey’s Anatomy during it’s second and third seasons. After the Private Practice spin off launched, she appeared as a guest occasionally throughout seasons four through eight - and possibly nine, after seeing next week’s Private Practice preview.

In June, Walsh announced on Bethenny, Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, that she would leave Private Practice at the end of its sixth season. “I feel incredibly grateful to Shonda Rhimes and all the fans who have been there from day one until now,” she said.

Walsh can be seen on Private Practice, airing Wednesdays 10/9c on ABC. Walsh can also be seen in the movie adaptation of the novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower, featuring Emma Watson, Nina Dobrev and Logan Lerman.

Would you like to see Dr. Addison Montgomery back on Grey’s? Let us know below.

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Exclusive: Destined Universal Discusses 'Love, Pain, & The Dancefloor' EP, 'First,' & His Future Plans

Wed, 08/22/2012 - 8:15PM by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -

WHATtheBUZZ caught up with Destined Universal, the 21 year-old singer/songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, to learn more about his musical background, his new EP, 'Love, Pain, & The Dancefloor,' and what he has planned for the future.

What inspired the name Destined Universal?

I picked the name Destined Universal because I wanted a name that not only described me as a person, but also my music as a whole. Destined was inspired by all of the obstacles and hard times I have overcome in my life. I believe due to the fact I have overcome so many hardships and obstacles at such an early, I'm "destined" to be and do great things in this world. Universal was inspired by my music. I make music for the world, for people of all walks of life. Therefore, "universal" just automatically popped into my mind and that's how Destined Universal came about.

How did you get your start in music?

Well I first entered the industry when I was 14, just bouncing around from label to label, trying to gain further exposure. In 2008, after countless disappointments I encountered throughout the industry, I felt that it was best to continue my music career as an independent artist. I met my executive producer Jaquan Barnett (of Beautiful Noize Entertainment, LLC.) later that year and began working on original material. In 2009, I took a short break from music to discover who I was not only as a person, but as an artist as well. I resurfaced in October 2010 after co-producing the tribute project Legendary: A Decade of Stacie Orrico. The following year, I appeared on the red carpet alongside artists JoJo and Nina Sky for the Girls Who Rock benefit concert for She's The First. Shortly after, a clip of my song "Luv U Betta" leaked online and went viral. A few endorsements and a single later, here I am.

Do you believe your Philadephia roots attribute to your musical sound?

I think there is a certain soulful element from my music that definitely comes from my hometown. If you listen to artists like Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott and Jazmine Sullivan, you can hear the same soulful quality. It's hard to describe but it's definitely something that was brought to my attention as I started to carefully examine my music.

You've been inspired by Stacie Orrico, as documented through Legendary: A Decade of Stacie Orrico, a tribute project which you helped co-produce. What other artists inspire you?

There are plenty of other artists. I am extremely captivated by the work of Ryan Tedder and Coldplay. I'm a HUGE Natasha Bedingfield fan. Gary Go is another favorite. Brandon Flowers is amazing. Robyn is amazing. There are several others but we'd be here all day if I went through the entire list.

Describe your experience as an Artist Ambassador for the Supercuts' Rock The Cut program.

Oh my goodness, I've had so much fun being in this program. It has allowed me to be as creative with my image as possible. And the exposure has been INCREDIBLE. It's opened me up to a world of other opportunities with regards to commercial marketing. I've definitely enjoyed supporting and speaking about the Rock The Cut program. I absolutely love their initiative.

As an independent artist, What would you consider to be the biggest struggles and rewards you've encountered along the way?

The financial weight of everything can be a burden at times. Especially the travelling fees! Sometimes you're giving out more money then you're get in return. But the investment is so worth it if you have the talent, passion, and dedication. The biggest reward I've gotten out of my experience thus far would have to be the undying support of my fans. I have some of the greatest fans in HISTORY. I love hearing from them and their feedback on my music. It totally makes you forget all of the day-to-day sacrifices you make as an artist.

How do you manage to stay positive in spite of the overwhelming challenges you've faced in the music industry?

I always keep in mind why it is that I got into this industry. Music is my first love above all. I make music to inspire and motivate people. I believe that in telling my story, other people going through either the same or similar situations will not only be empowered but healed by it as well. Throughout everything I've been through thus far, I have never lost sight or focus on who I am or what I represent. That's what gets me through the challenges.

Love, Pain, & The Dancefloor is set to drop in late October. Can you tell us more about the EP?

Love, Pain, & The Dancefloor is the epitome of every young person's journey in regards to love and relationships. I honestly believe that there isn't at least ONE track on this project that someone will not be able to relate to. On this project, I talk about everything - from the ending of a relationship to the start of a new one, complimented by all of the mass chaos in between. This generation, as a whole, is pretty unpredictable. Sometimes we make decisions that most people wouldn't. I definitely wanted this EP to acknowledge that fact and touch on that subject just a little. Sonically, we've taken something very familiar and switched it up. I can honestly say that there isn't an album or any other project quite like the one we have. I'm very eager to release LPD and get the public feedback and viewpoint on it.

According to reports, you're first single will be "First." Can you confirm this is true?

Yes, I can officially say that "First" will be the debut single to LPD. I'm quite excited about it. The song is very aggressive, very edgy. I think it does a great job in transitioning me from the artist I was when I first came out to now. There has been a lot of growth since that time in my life. I feel like I sort of had a "coming of age" moment. Turning 21 was much more of an emotional transitioning than anything else. I'm very pleased with the direction we are going now - a much more aggressive, mature, sexy vibe than that of the "bubblegum pop" effect of my latter material.

What plans do you have after Love, Pain, & The Dancefloor drops?

Considering that "First" will be my first commercial airplay single, I definitely am lining a few things up after its release and the release of LPD. Touring and performing are responsibilities that come without saying. I most definitely want to continue to delve further into other endorsements in addition to the one I have now. I will be working on a mixtape shortly after LPD. The mixtape will pick up where the EP left off, but on a much more personal and soulful note. And lastly, I want to continue to work and write with other artists. I love collaborating my creativity with fellow musicians.

Any last words you'd like to share with your fans?

I would just like to thank all of the blogs and supporters out there who continuously support and promote me. The outpour of love NEVER goes unacknowledged or unappreciated. I love each and every one of you guys. Continue to follow me as I continue to work hard to bring you all the music you deserve to hear.

Check out "LoveLife" below:

Will you check out Destined Universal's EP? Let us know below!

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First Look: Sarah Jessica Parker Styled By Anna Wintour As A Vogue Editor For Glee

Wed, 08/22/2012 - 10:39AM by Naomi Mdudu reblogged by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -
Lisa M McGrath reblogged this from THE FASH PACK

Sarah Jessica Parker has been away from the small screen for far too long for my liking but as you know, that's all changing as she's signed up to appear as a guest star on season four of Glee. Earlier on this month, Glee actor Ryan Murphy confirmed that the actress would play the editor of Vogue.com (nice plug for the magazine's site) and that Anna Wintour would style her and now the first image of the outfit is out.

Murphy tweeted this image of SJP all dressed up in character as Isabelle wearing what looks like a Lanvin necklace and according to Fashionista, is a dress from up-and-coming label, Faster Than Paris. The label is still relatively unknown but has some strong people behind it. The brand's founder Tracy L. Cox has had stints at DKNY and Peter Som and also worked for Patricia Field on Sex And The City, which could explain why the brand was chosen.

Are you excited for her appearance to air?

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Taylor Swift Hosts Web Chat, Releases 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'

Tue, 08/14/2012 - 10:36AM by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -

Taylor Swift held a Google+ chat Monday night for fans where she talked about her new album and premiered her new single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," which skyrocketed to #1 on iTunes within 50 minutes. The song, produced by Max Martin, is the first single off her fourth studio album, Red, available on Oct. 22.

Swift, rocking a red dress and red lipstick, explained the album title to fans: "All those emotions — spanning from intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion, all of that — in my mind, all those emotions are red."

The album will have 16 total tracks, including a collaboration with Brit Ed Sheeran.

Check out the Google+ hangout below, followed by the full single:

What do you think of her new song? Are you excited for her new album? 

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JoJo Releases Sultry New Track 'Demonstrate'

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 9:49AM by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -

JoJo's back with a brand new, sultry single "Demonstrate." The R&B infused track was produced by Noah “40″ Shebib, the Canadian producer behind Drake's mixtape So Far Gone, Alicia Keys' "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)" and Jamie Foxx's "Fall for Your Type." This is the second single off of Jumping Trains, JoJo's highly anticipated unreleased album under Blackground Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

Despite unfortunate label delays, "Demonstrate" showcases JoJo's outstanding talent in the R&B genre, leaving fans and music lovers buzzing. Her first single off Jumping Trains, "Disaster," seemed too familiar and similar to her previous work in the "Leave (Get Out)" days. Unsurprisingly, JoJo's vocals make this track the hit it should be. JoJo's got another hit on her hands.

Check out the single below and let us know what you think!

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Casting: Six New Roles for Grey’s Anatomy, Including Two Doctors!

Fri, 07/13/2012 - 12:12PM by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes, creator/executive producer Jenna Bans, and executive producer Betsy Beers

If you’re still reeling from last season’s dramatic finale, we’ve got some Grey’s Anatomy casting scoop for you.

TVGuide reported that two new flight attendants will join the mix in Season 9. Whether or not they pertain to a flashback is uncertain, but the last time we saw the docs they were stranded in the woods, likely alone.

According to TVLine, two new doctors will be introduced this season: Dr. Parker and Dr. Mel Barnett. Little details were released, but we do know that Dr. Parker is a middle-aged physician. In addition, two other medical professionals will join Seattle Grace.

Are you excited for the season premiere?

Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC on Thursdays this fall.

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Maroon 5 Debuts 'One More Night' Video

Tue, 06/26/2012 - 7:30AM by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -

Check out what went on behind the scenes of the video here:

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The Rescues Need Your Help for Their Next Album!

Thu, 06/14/2012 - 8:12PM by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -

Want to help The Rescues finish their new album? Well, here's your chance!

The Rescues, an extremely talented Los Angeles-based rock band, are close to completing their new record but need help from the most important people - their fans. The foursome decided to create the new record on their own terms and without the help of a label. They're amazing artists, so you've got to respect that. I bet you don't realize how expensive that can be, either.

The band has a pledge page set up on PledgeMusic.com allowing users to donate. With a $10 donation, fans will have the opportunity to download the new album upon completion and receive updates. Fans who pledge more than that amount will receive the new album download, updates and other exclusive content. For $100 your name can be in the credits! Want to pledge $4,000? Awesome - you'll end up with your own personal acoustic house concert.

Once the band reaches their target amount, 10% of every pledge will go towards Free The Slaves, a charity near to their hearts.

If you're not familiar with the band behind the hits "Break Me Out" and "We're OK," well then, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know them. Check out a taste of their new album below, followed by a live performance of "Break Me Out" at The Troubadour.

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Skip Bayless Gets the Parody Treatment, Courtesy of ESPN

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 9:00PM by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -

"It's not mean, it's Skip." At least that's what ESPN says.

ESPN just released one of its best parodies to date starring the sports analyst everyone hates to love and loves to hate, Skip Bayless.

The commercial for ESPN's First Take pokes fun at ESPN's original Michael Jordan commercial, which documents the struggles of an ordinary man with an extraordinary name.

Check out the hilarious spoof below and let us know what you think!

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Kate Walsh Confirms 'Private Practice' Exit on 'Bethenny'

Wed, 06/13/2012 - 7:44AM by Lisa M McGrath 0 Comments -

Actress Kate Walsh attends The Frye Company Flagship Opening Celebration

Dr. Addison Montgomery is checking out of Seaside Health & Wellness!

Kate Walsh confirmed on Bethenny, Bethenny Frankel's new talk show, that she's leaving Private Practice at the end of its sixth season.

"It's been a long time being Addison and I feel incredibly grateful to Shonda Rhimes and all the fans who have been there from day 1 until now, says Walsh. "I'm really excited for the last season."

Watch Walsh make the announcement in the clip below.

Walsh's complete interview with Bethenny Frankel airs today on Fox at 11AM.

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